Who we are

Resolved Instruments is a scientific instrumentation company with a goal to modernize high-end instrumentation by combining the latest data acquisition technologies with advancements from modern consumer electronics. This shift will simplify instrument-to-computer communication and lessen the hassle of outdated communication protocols. Resolved Instruments is dedicated to providing strong customer support to ensure our customers get the most from our instruments. Resolved Instruments was founded in 2016 and is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

How we started

Resolved Instruments was inspired to create the DPD80 USB Photodetector from the research in Dr. John Davis' low-temperature optomechanics lab at the University of Alberta. While examining the MHz motion of nanomechanical devices it was necessary to collect large amounts optical data for post-processing analysis on a PC. At the time the only solution was to use a separate low-noise photodetector, preamplifier, and data acquisition card, which proved both expensive and bulky. Now with the DPD80 USB Photodetector, these instruments have been integrated into a compact device that reduces experimental setup cost and complexity, such that leading-edge optical data collection can be set up in minutes.

Where we are going

Resolved Instruments aims to become a global leader in scientific instrumentation for academic and industry researchers. We plan to achieve this by maintaining exceptional customer support and growing our customer base. In the future, we will expand our product range to not only include optics instrumentation, but also instrumentation applicable to many other fields of scientific research.