DPD80 USB Photodetector Firmware Update 1.1.0

March 28, 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of a new firmware update for the DPD80 USB Photodetector: Release 1.1.0. This is an upgrade to the existing firmware supplied on the DPD80 and DPD80 Balanced USB Photodetectors and provides the following:

  • Significant improvement in data streaming performance and reliability
  • Unified firmware across the DPD80 and DPD80 Balanced photodetectors
  • Fixes bug where get_raw_data freezes with very low probability
  • On Windows 10, the detector shows up in Device Manager as “Resolved Instruments DPD80 USB Photodetector” instead of just “DPD80”.
  • Additional minor bug fixes

This is a recommended firmware update and upgrading existing DPD80 and DPD80 Balanced USB Photodetectors to this firmware is strongly advised.

pteroDAQtyl version 0.8.2 will not work with this new firmware. Upgrade pteroDAQtyl to version 0.8.4 or later for support with firmware 1.1.0

Although checks and redundancy are built-in to the firmware update procedure, upgrading firmware is an inherently risky procedure and care should be taken when performing the update. Ensure the computer running the update is connected to an external power supply (i.e. not battery powered), and of course, do not unplug the photodetector from the computer while the upgrade is in progress.

To upgrade firmware, download the DPD80 Firmware Update 1.1.0 executable and run it. This is a command line program that will automatically upgrade the firmware on the DPD80 to the latest version after a few prompts. The firmware update does not require administrative privileges and will work over a USB 2.0 connection.

If the firmware update fails or is interrupted for any reason, re-running the firmware update will attempt to recover from the update. If this does not work, please contact Resolved Instruments for further recovery procedures.

Thanks for using the DPD80 USB Photodetector!