pteroDAQtyl 1.1 is released

December 19, 2020

Version 1.1 of pteroDAQtyl brings windowing functions to the spectrum view, as well as bug fixes that improve the spectrum stability.

Previously, pteroDAQtyl used a rectangular window when estimating power spectral density. pteroDAQtyl 1.1.0 uses a Hann window by default, and gives the option for Rectangle, Hann, Blackman, or Nuttall windows to be used. These new windows are useful when visualizing a small signal near in frequency to a larger signal, and reduce the spectral leakage of the large signal which can obscure the signal of interest.


PteroDAQtyl 1.1.0 can be downloaded here:

pteroDAQtyl 1.1.0 (64-bit)

pteroDAQtyl 1.1.0 (32-bit)

Changes in version 1.1.1

  • Add windowing functions to spectrum view. Default window is Hann. Use Rectangle for old windowing behavior
  • Spectrum by default has navg=2 instead of navg=1
  • Upgrade backend dependencies to QtQuick 5.15.2 and VisualStudio 2019, which may improve performance
  • Improved PWM control. For example, duty cycle stays constant when adjusting PWM frequency
  • Improved stability of spectrum display

Changes in version 1.0.0

  • Added trigger arm time feature. Arm time improves performance with noisy trigger signals by requiring the signal to entire the untriggered for some duration before triggering can occur.
  • Added high pass filter
  • Improved support for DPD80 Balanced Photodetectors
  • Changed default filter when downsampling to FIR filter which typically displays improved downsampling performance
  • Fixed bug with oscilloscope rendering with large number of data points
  • Fixed bug when spectrums saved as .txt files
  • Additionally bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Built with Qt 5.13.2 for improved UI performance