Getting started with MATLAB

The Resolved Instruments MATLAB toolbox is a wrapper to the C libri library, and provides control of the DPD80 photodetector from MATLAB.

Supported Matlab Versions

Our MATLAB module has currently been tested with the following version of MATLAB:

  • MATLAB R2016a Windows 64bit

  • MATLAB R2017a Windows 64bit

MATLAB toolbox installation

  1. If you have not already downloaded and installed the Resolved Instruments RICU3 drivers, please install them from the downloads page.

  2. Download the MATLAB toolbox file RI_matlab_toolbox.mltbx from the downloads page.

  3. Open MATLAB and move RI_matlab_toolbox.mltbx to your working directory.

  4. In the file explorer tab of MATLAB, which shows the working directory, double click the RI_matlab_toolbox.mltbx file and press install when a new window appears.

Viewing Documentation

Assuming that the Resolved Instruments MATLAB toolbox is now installed, the documentation of the riDevice class can be viewed by typing `doc riDevice` in the MATLAB command window.